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Vagarant 17 Heavy Duty Sport Briefcase & Book Backpack L70

Vagarant 17 Heavy Duty Sport Briefcase & Book Backpack L70

Vagarant 17 Heavy Duty Sport Briefcase & Book Backpack L70

Main Picture is the item for Sale. Dimension: 17 12.5 7.5"; weight 8.8 lb; strap length: 37.5 - 67". Internal size: 15.8 12; 2 large sections; 3 full leather strap. Heavy duty, full leather made; inside leather strap for key lock.

4 internal pocket: 2 large and 2 small one; pen holders. Large back pocket for A4 paper, magazine, newspaper. Please pay attention to the dimension and weight of the bag especially for laptop purpose. Default dimension is the outside dimension, not inside. The inside dimension will decide if it fit your laptop or not.

Measure your laptop width please. The depth and width of the bag will decide its capacity.

Finally, since it is full grain cowhide leather, bag itself weight a lot, especially, if it is full leather made bag. A wise man once said that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Wherever your journey takes you, travel confidently with Full Grain Leather Bags. Who produce hundred vintage looking style leather bags, canvas bags and travel accessories. Our demonstrated objective is to provide ruggedly stylish, high quality merchandise. Each bag is manufactured from the finest materials and match formal or casual. Our full grain leather is lined by premium suede (full leather bags, heavy) with highest grade industrial nylon and cut with precision for your bags.

Other leather bags lined with fabric cloth make it less weight but still heavy than fake leather. Potential stress locations are reinforced with durable and stylish rivets.

Our indestructible nickel-plated buckles provide the finishing touch. The result is a ruggedly elegant and practical bag whose appearance improves with age!

Now is a perfect time to demonstrate your independence and its mark of distinction. If by chance you see "cattle scars", wrinkles, even cow smell on your bags, those are not imperfections (raw, unfinished/unsanded leather). They are in fact unique scars from cattle branding, barbed wire or "skirmishes" with other cows, etc.

In leather circles, they are often considered desirable, as they set your bag apart from ALL others. OIL Tanned Cowhide Leather Ages Beautify, Soft, Dark and Comfortable. The OLD, THE MORE VALUE. Please do read product description carefully, especially item inside dimension (not outside dimension) for laptop purpose. Unless specified, the first line is the outside dimension of the product.

Second, please pay attention to the weight of the product. Since we carry the real full grain leather products, bag itself weight a lot. 30 days free of questions of return start from purchasing/invoice day. You do not need notification or approve for return. If not received, please notify us right away. We will help you find the package and help for the claim service if requested.

You great review, suggestions will help us improve the production and design. Automatically feedback system setup for customers who leave us feedback then our system generate one for customers right away. Bags for the Long Haul.

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Vagarant 17 Heavy Duty Sport Briefcase & Book Backpack L70